Welcome To The New Home Of Competitive Computers & Electrical Services.

I wanted to create this site for not only my business presence but to also assist apprentices  with online quizzes to help in preparing for the IP exam.  Currently i have two quizzes online one is a sample IP exam and the other is an Exam of question based on first year apprentices which is also good in preparing for the IP exam. 

As I personally had a great instruction in my Apprenticeship Blocks during my time at NSCC Marconi Campus And don't think that i could have received better instruction anywhere else.

One of the biggest problem with the Prep is that  there are so many places out there that you can BUY Questions or CD's and take online tests but no one allows you to have them for free... (Online test wise with real time results) 

My goal is to create as many banks of question for not only the Canadian Electrical Code, but to also give help to out friends in the US with questions for the National Electrical Code.  And All For FREE!!!  To run this site costs me a measly 100-150 every 3 years, so there is no need to be charging 100's of dollars for questions.

I do realize there is a lot of man hours to add these questions to the banks but that is a minor sacrifice to offer assistance to people out there wishing to write there Journeyman Exam. 

These questions will hopefully be  helpful to apprentices studying to write the exam, but also will be really helpful for people who have not been in school for a long time and are wanting to finally write the exam and want to see first hand the challenges will be when writing this exam.

Taking time off from work to go to school or to study at home is expensive and the costs of being off work for any length of time can be stressful and hard on the pocket book so I wanted to help out in what maybe a small way to allow you to run through sample exams and receive you score as well as the listing of the question and answers showing what  you got right or wrong.

Please remember to sign up for an account with this site so that you can access the Practice Exams and also receive a copy of the exam Results in your email.

All attempts made on the practice exams can be tracked when you login and select My Quiz Results {This will show all exams, if you passed or failed as well allow you to view all the question from that exam with correct answers.}

Thanks, and hope I help make it a little easier in reaching your goal..

Craig Cormier