Dear People of St Mary’s Parish,

Attached here is a link to an article written by Sallie McFague. I found it in one of the Daily Meditations available for free on Fr Richard Rohr’s Centre for Action and Contemplation website.  

This reflection provides a broader picture to religions, daily life, and even the pandemic. To live ethically on this earth means recognizing more than a climate crisis, economic woes or even a pandemic. Sometimes we need to connect the dots to how our country, community and each of us live. There are many consequences, both seen and unseen. Sallie McFague reminds us that living responsibly is not just about having information or concerns about climate change, it is about conscience and a wider consciousness. Over the past months we have been hearing that “we are all in this together” in reference to the pandemic. This slogan is an ethical statement that applies to a bigger and equally urgent change in our awareness and actions.

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With prayer for your good health and our widening awareness,


Fr Anthony


Loving God By Loving The World